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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Most Writers Won't Make Any Money

 Sadly, this is the case for most writers. Why does talent, effort, and sheer willpower go unrewarded, every day? Even if you have products, a book, a course, coaching services, etc. getting customers is another battle entirely.  

How to get Readers and Audience?

 When looking for an audience, try  to also think beyond books. If “dragons in modern society” is your standout element, brainstorm what other businesses, artists, and organizations cater to this interest group (dragon lovers). Book promotion is great, but cross-promotion with a sister-industry can open up new audiences. In the case of dragons, there’s dragon fantasy art, dragon-themed merchandise (clothing, collectibles, games, etc.), movies, and TV shows I even found a link to a dragon museum. And running an advanced search on Twitter shows people, hashtags and groups that are actively talking about dragons.  

What is a Literary Consultant?

  Literary consultants provide specialist advice and support for writers. This might be in helpful in developing an early draft of a manuscript – giving professional feedback to highlight what is already working and what isn’t quite there yet, and including plenty of suggestions for a fruitful and efficient revision period. Or it might be in helping a writer with professional development issues, such as a lack of confidence, or a lack of progress in meeting their writing goals. Sometimes, it’s in helping a writer understand the world of agents and publishers, and how to make a professional pitch for their manuscript; and sometimes it’s in helping a writer organize a successful launch for the self-published manuscript.