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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Most Writers Won't Make Any Money?

Many writers have the qualities to be a best-selling author, the problem is that they don't know where to start and whom to rely on their literary piece. 

In result, they tend not to trust with publishing companies for three reasons it's difficult for them to face rejection; their belief in success is too small, thus affecting their strategy towards their goal most writers aren't dedicated to learning the business of writing. 

In Netsfilm and Media Press LLC, we guide writers from the beginning until the book will be available in the marketplace through our services that are inexpensive and effective.

How to get readers and audience?

This is where the key components of marketing come in to increase the writer's target audience.

Attract- The first phase is to attract readers by increasing their exposure. Netsfilm and Media Press LLC has an array of services that includes a press release, blogs, and promotion in the mainstream social media sites.

Engage- Once you get to attract readers, the next step should be an interactive approach to them. Our company encourages writers to have a radio interview since the audience is limitless and convenient for them to be widely known by their target audience. 

Convert- This is where the book sales take place. Most writers tend to start with this step, since, they want an instant sale. However, without the two abovementioned steps, this one will be useless; and these will show your conversion rate if it's nonexistent or extremely low.

What is a Literary Consultant?

Literary consultants such as Netsfilm and Media Press LLC provides professional advice and support for aspiring writers who have goals for their books. 

This includes imparting professional advices that results in an efficient and fruitful revision period. 

Hence, providing proper services for the writer's welfare in organizing a victorious publishing launch.